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Complementary Medicine

Vitamins and Viactiv Calcium Chews



Hi. I was wondering if you could tell me if it will do any harm if I take a "One-A-Day for Women" and "Viactiv Calcium Chews for Teens" simultaneously?

A One-A-Day Tablet contains: 450 mg (45% DV) Calcium, 25 mcg (31% DV) Vitamin K, and 800 IU (200% DV) Vitamin D.

One Viactiv Chew (package says can take up to 3 per day) contains: 500 mg (50% DV) Calcium, 40 mcg (50% DV) Vitamin K, and 200 IU (50% DV) Vitamin D.

I am a 21 year-old female. I am worried that I do not get enough Calcium and know that it is important to build good bone health in your twenties to prevent osteoporosis later on in life.

I do not drink milk at all. I try to eat one yogurt every day, but that does not always happen. I know that you can get small amounts of calcium when eating a healthy balanced diet, but as much as I`d love to say I do eat a health balanced diet, it does not always happen (college student). Also, I live in a cloudy climate and am not outside much.

If I take both the One-A-Day tablet and 1-2 Viactiv Chews each day, is this too much calcium? Is it too much Vitamin D? Could this be harmful? Thank you for your time!


You should be fine since you need about 1500 mg of calcium daily and 2000 IU of Vitamin D per day per the NIH.

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Glen F Aukerman, MD, DABFP Glen F Aukerman, MD, DABFP
Professor of Family Medicine
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University