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Breast Cancer

Breast nodule



I am 35. My Gyn aksied me to get a baseline mammo so that he could have it later on to compare with when I need regular maoograms. After my mammo I was asked to go back and get an ultrasound because I have dense tissues. After that I was called 2 days later and told my dr is requesting an MRI for each breast because the ultrasound shows one nodule in the left and one in the right breast. My question is what does the dr wnat to see with the MRI? what willit tell him as he already knows that they are there? Is this something I sould worry about? Will the MRI determine it its cancer?


Breast MRI is a type of xray that is better at looking at dense breast tissue than a traditional mammogram.  It is not used on a yearly basis to screen patients for breast cancer, however, because it is very costly (as much as $2,000 to $3,000).

If a problem is identified on mammogram and/or ultrasound in a person with dense breast tissue, a MRI can be used to characterize the mass better.  In your case, your doctor is trying to decide if the masses you have are benign (not cancer) or cancer.  Most women at your young age have benign masses so try not to worry.  Complete whatever test that your doctor has you scheduled for, however, to make certain that everything is benign. 

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