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Digestive Disorders

Parasitic Infection



I am a 27 year old woman. I have been having multiple bowel movements (about 5 to 6 times a day) since the last coupe of months. I have always had this problem for a very long time but lately it has increased a lot. As soon as I eat or drink something I have to run to the restroom. It is really troubling me. I have notied that poop floats. I have read that a floating poop meams a parasitic infection in your intestines. Sometimes I have itchy bottom too. I am really embarrased to discuss all this with my doctor. Can you please tell me if the multiple bowels and the floating poop means there is something wrong? Can you suggest something to stop/cure this? Thanks a lot!


Tough question. Given duration of your symptoms, my initial guess is you have irritable bowel syndrome. Try increasing the fiber in your diet and then evaluate what your stools are doing. "Floating poop" does not necessarily mean anything, and as far as my knowledge is concerned, it is not a sign of a parasitic infection. You should discuss this with your doctor. They are quite used to hearing such tales and they may be able to help you tremendously.

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