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How to hasten disappearance TB scars?



Is there any way to hasten the disappearance TB scars? Is there some kind of treatment or supplement? Would the x-rays go back to it`s pre-TB state?


Tuberculosis (TB) of the lung can sometimes leave a scar in the area where the lung was damaged by the TB. There is no way to hasten the disappearance of the TB scar, but taking medication for TB will to fight the infection so that no additional damage is done. Sometimes during the course of TB treatment, the area will heal and improve, and disappear completely. Other times, it will decrease in size but leave a permanent scar. Therefore, it is important for you to get a chest x ray at the end of your TB treatment to know what the lungs looked like. So, later, if you need to get another chest x ray, they can compare the area that is abnormal and see if it is stable or different from the past.

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Shu-Hua   Wang, MD, MPH&TM Shu-Hua Wang, MD, MPH&TM
Clinical Assistant Professor of Infectious Diseases
Clinical Assistant Professor of The Division of Epidemiology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University

Larry S Schlesinger, MD Larry S Schlesinger, MD
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Microbiology Administration
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