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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

I Feel All Alone



I feel all alone, I have agoraphobia and haven't really left the house in 3 years, if I do its only down the road and even then i have to run home, I feel like im dying most of the time. My question is this i need to get treatment yet i cant get in a car or leave the house or even have a stranger come here so how am I to get help? I tried calling some doctors but they say I have to come in...I've tried and i really can't so what should I do, is there a number I can call or something. I have no idea what to do because I think I've tried everything. Please help the best you can. thanks


This is a very serious problem.  Agoraphobia is a serious anxiety disorder.  If you have not looked at the weblinks on anxiety, I encourage you to do so.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you any specific medical advice, as that is not the function of the website.

However, I can reassure you that there is good treatment available for agoraphobia and that people can, with counseling and medication, lead active, happy and successful lives.  This is an excellent time for you to contact your family and friends and ask for their support and encouragement.  Use them to help you get to the medical care you need.

Good Luck.

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