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Athletic Training

Pulled quad



My daughter pulled her quad two weeks ago at soccer camp. It continues to hurt when she tries to run. She has iced it but does not find that is helping a lot. Should she be stretching it? She has soccer tryouts in two days. Anything she can to loosen it up? Quickly?


Unfortunately, these injuries can take a few weeks to resolve. Here are some guidelines she may want to follow. Remember, if she continues to have symptoms she should follow-up with her local health professional for further evalaution and treatment. 

I would start doing some light stretching by having her stand upright, bend her knee and grab hold of her ankle of the bent knee. Start by counting to 30, relax and repeat 3 times.

The next stretch to do is standing facing a step or step stool of some sort. Next, place opposite foot on edge of surface and lean in with knee bent. She should feel this in the front part of her hip. 3x counting to 30. This will get the upper part of her quad. Following the stretching.

I would bike for 5 to 8 minutes or (jog if she is ready). Follow again with stretching.

I would stretch three to four times a day. Remember - gentle to non-painful stretching. Good luck with your tryout.

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Chalisa   Fonza, MA, ATC Chalisa Fonza, MA, ATC
Athletic Trainer
Clinical Instructor at the School of Allied Medical Professionals
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University