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About 7 months ago, my husband began to have an itchy rash on various parts of his body. He then had two anaphylactic episodes. As a result of all this he had various allergy testing done at Eastern Virginia Medical School`s Allergy Department. The tests revealed he was allergic to beef and almonds (items that could cause the breathing reactions.) He subsequently discovered he had a rash on his upper pallet in his mouth. I went on line and discovered that Denture Cleansers have persulfates in them for whitening and these cause this kind of reaction in some people. Denture Cleanser Manufacturers are presently being required to put a warning on their packaging about the persulfates in their products. After learning of his pallet rash and persulfates in the denture cleansers I asked his allergy doctors where he can be tested for allergies to persulfates. I have a suspicion the reactions are from the persulfates aand would like to know so that he can get off of/reduce the medication he is taking which make him very tired. I have called the FDA, the health department, Labcorp, you name it to find out where my husband can be patch tested for persulfates and no one can tell me. Do you have any idea where my husband could be patch tested for persulfates? We can travel to where it might be.


Patch testing is a specialized field, usually covered by allergists or dermatologists. At The Ohio State University, a member of our dermatology faculty is our expert in patch testing and contact dermatitis and performs all patch testing beyond simple commercial tests. You should contact your doctors to see if you can be referred to a doctor who specializes in contact dermatitis and patch testing. Each physician could discuss what can and can't be tested on an individual or case-by-case basis.

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