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Sports Medicine

Bruised bone treatment



Following a prolonged training session on an exercise bike I am still suffering from assumed bruising to the condyles of my left femur four weeks later. Can you suggest any treatment?


Although your symptoms may feel like a "bruised bone", a bone bruise (or contusion) typically results from acute trauma rather than overuse. Treatment for your symptoms needs to be based on a correct diagnosis, which requires obtaining a relevant medical history, performing a physical examination, and sometimes imaging studies (X-rays, MRI scan).

Since your symptoms have persisted for 4 weeks, if such "symptomatic" treatments as periodic ice application, anti-inflammatory medication, wrapping your knee (vs. wearing a knee sleeve), and activity modification have been tried but without sufficient benefit, consider consulting your primary care physician, who may or may not wish to refer you to a sports medicine specialist.

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Brian L Bowyer, MD Brian L Bowyer, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University