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Athletic Training

Toe spasms



A strange phenomenon has been happening to two of the toes on my right foot (the two next to the big toe). Ever since I had a meniscus repair on the knee, these toes spasm when I exercise. It`s weird, and no one has been able to give me an explanation why. Everything is fine when I`m just walking around doing my daily activities, but when I ride the bike, try to run, or even walk a long way, those two toes stiffen. It stops when I stop the exercise. Any insights here?


Based on the information you have given me, there are two scenarios that I suspect.  Your symptoms indicate a nerve has been affected.  As you exercise, the muscles may be putting increased pressure on one of the nerves in your lower leg causing the muscles they innervate to spasm.

Also, the nerve root for your foot is in your low back.  If you have low back issues, it could be the cause of your problem.

Either way, you should speak to your orthopedic surgeon about this issue and discuss further diagnostic testing to pinpoint the cause of the spasms.

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Mary  Laingen, MS, ATC Mary Laingen, MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
The Ohio State University