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No answer after 3 doctor visits for a month!



One day I started itching after my period and i had some discharge other than normal. I thought I had a bacteria infection, so I used the rest of the tube of metro gel from a previous infection about a month before. I still was itching. Went to the doctor after the five days and it was a yeast infection. Used the cream for 7 days but was still itching. Went back and I got a bacteria infection. Each visit I was checked for stds but they were negative. I hadn`t had sex since 2 weeks before the first visit. My period comes on after that treatment for five days. When my period went off, i was itching again. My doctor called in a yeast infection pill. I used the metro gel before i took the yeast infection pill. The itching went away but the discharge was still there. I went to the doctor and now I got trich. But from the time I took the other two std tests to that doctor`s visit, I hadn`t had sex for now a month and a half. So how could I now have trich without having sex? My only partner of two years got tested but he did not have it. So how did this happen. I am worried that something more serious is going on like a hormone imbalance because im growing hair on my chest.


A hormonal imbalance wouldn't necessarily cause abnormal discharge. It sounds like you have had recurrent and rotating infections. It may be important to make sure each infection is confirmed with a culture or at least a microscopic investigation rather than just treating symptoms. The trich infection is very easy to diagnose, so if it is there on microscopic examination, it is real. it is a sexually transmitted infection and the only way to contract it is by sex. Trich is best diagnosed with a microscopic evaluation, so if they did cultures for STD they probably only checked for Chlamydia or Gonorrhea, not Trich. Men don't harbor the infection as long as women, so he could have tested negative while you were positive. This assumes he is your only partner. Lastly, use of douches, feminine products, bath soaps, new detergents, etc can also cause an irritation with discharge that can look a lot like an infection.

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