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Alzheimer's Disease

Small Vessel Disease Leading to Memory Loss



On seeking definition on ischemic changes, I found this site by accident. Can you answer my question or tell me where to go to ask my own question - Recent MRI confirms one of 2 years ago which indicated ischemic changes - however in 2nd one there is apparently no diagnosis of small vessel disease but only diverse ischemic changes. It is frustating to get different answers from original neurologist to referred me back to my primary, who in turn referred me to a new neurologist. Do I or do I not have to worry about small vessel disease and subsequent permanent memory loss? Thank you very much,


Depending on your age and general health the MRI findings may be significant or trivial. You should see an experienced neurologist.

And always have a moderatley low fat diet, consider B vitamins, exercise, treat hypertension, avoid obesity and so on, upon discussion with your primary doctor.

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Robert P Friedland, MD Robert P Friedland, MD
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