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Change of birth control



I currently take Kariva as birht control I work for a Catholic hospital that does not pay for prescriptions money is getting tight and I saww that Wlamart and Target offer Tri-Sprintec 28 for $9 a motnh which is a $40 savings compared to Kariva can you tell me what the differences will be?


First of all, every birth control pill has similar efficacy rates for what it is intended to do: prevent pregnancy. Most women have no problems switching from one pill to another. Pills are categorized by a few things. Monophasic (the same level of hormones in each pill) or Multiphasic (the amount changes every week to mimic a natural cycle). There are combination estrogen/progesterone containing types and progesterone only containing types. Lastly, for the estrogen containing types there are low dose and ultra-low dose pills. You are on a combination ultra-low dose monophasic pill. Tri-Spintec is a combination low-dose multiphasic pill. You will likely do just fine on this, but there is likely another combination ultra-low dose monophasic pill they provide just as inexpensively. If not, I would use an ultra-low dose multiphasic before a low-dose monophasic, you are less likely to have side-effects. Ask the pharmacist which pill would be the closest to what you are taking.

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