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Constant cough



I have been to ENT, Pulmonologist, speech therapy and no one can help me to quit coughing. This has been going on for almost 2 years. I am slight border line asthma, but none of the medication helps the cough. I have been tested for 50 different things and not allergic to anyone of those. 2 months ago I had nodules removed from vocal cords and helped some but the cough is back. I cough at nite, at work, in car, tears run down face and sometimes at the point of gaging and throw up when cough to hard. I have been scoped to check lungs and all okay. There are times when my tonsils and thorat are red from coughing so much. One tonsils has at times a white coating on it but have been told this is okay. I am had cat scan a year ago on chest and found nothing. I am so tired of this, dont sleep at nite and it just wears me out from coughing so much. ALso I have had a couple of bladder infections and they have given me a Keflex or Bactrim for it and this has taken the cough away, seriously it has. Doctors dont know what to think of this and said cant be. But is does take it complete away and then after few weeks the cough is back. Any suggestions?


It is sometimes difficult to determine the cause of cough.  The most common causes of cough are post-nasal drip due to allergies or sinus disease; acid reflux from the stomach; asthma; or certain medications.  There are many causes that are less common including coughing out of habit or nerves.

It sounds as if your physicians have evaluated you for a number of common causes of cough.  At this point it may be helpful to sit down with your physician and review everything that has been done to see if there is an area that needs to be explored.  Another option is to ask for a second opinion.

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Cathy   Benninger, RN, MS, APRN, C-AE Cathy Benninger, RN, MS, APRN, C-AE
Clinical Assistant Professor
Director, OSU Asthma Center Educational Program
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University