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Allergy treatment



sir i m suffering a lot from sneezing, watery eyes & throat itching 12 months a year. i have undergone serum testing. i mfound allergic to house dust, house dust mite etc. can my treatment be done directly after serum testing or some more tests are essential ? i m adviced to take 40 injections, are they safe?


It is not clear from what you are describing what sort of testing you had done. I suspect you had RAST tests done, these are blood tests that look for evidence of allergies. I would suggest you speak with an allergist before moving on. An allergist my be able to perform skin testing and better define your sensitivities, in addition, allergists are able to take your test results to work with medications and environmental control. If allergy shots are the correct treatment, an allergist can advise you on the safest way to undergo immunotherapy.

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Pulmonary, Allergy, Crtitical Care & Sleep
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