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Why Can`t I Get Pregnant



My co-worker told me that the depo-vera shots decrease your chances of getting pregnant. I took the shot once when I was sixteen and now am 25 and I cant get pregnant. Does the shot have anything to do with that?


One injection of depot provera taken about 10 years ago should not currently have an effect on your ability to conceive.

If you have been attempting pregnancy for greater than 1 year without success, an infertility evaluation would be indicated.  This would consist of a semen analysis in your husband, a blood test to see if you are ovulating, as well as a dye test to make sure that your fallopian tubes are open.  Treatment usually consists of fertility pills or shots combined with intrauterine insemination (injection of your husband's sperm into your uterus at the time of insemination) or in vitro fertilization (stimulation of your ovaries to make extra eggs, removal of those eggs from you ovary followed by mixing with your husband's sperm, allowing fertilization of the eggs and growth into embryos; approximately 2 embryos would then be injected into your uterus).

For more information about the above tests/treatment, please contact your doctor.

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