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Digestive Disorders

Abnormal ast/alt and bun/creat ratio



I recently had labs drawn as a follow up to an ED visit. My doctor contacted me to let me know that my ALT levels were elevated at 140, AST level at 99, Alkaline Phos at 127 and BUN/Creat ratio was 30.0. The foot note at the bottom was the sample appeared lipemic. I do not drink and eat fairly healthy (even though notification through labs I found my cholesterol was elevated as well). I work in the health care field. My concern is possible hepatitis. My last titer drawn for Hep B was good. Because these lab values are elevated my Dr. has ordered a Hepatitis Panel. I guess my question would be are these labs indicative of liver damage, hepatitis, some type of cancer, or some type of failure beginning?


Thank you for your question. Mildly elevated liver function tests without overt symptoms has an extensive differential list. This can be transient and relatively benign and can include everything from viral hepatitis, medications, fatty liver and even cirrhosis. The first step is to visit your primary care physician and obtain a very thorough history and physical and review of current medications. The hepatitis panel, complete blood count in conjunction with this is a good starting point in determining the etiology of your elevated liver function tests.

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Amit D Tevar, MD Amit D Tevar, MD
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