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Missed period after uterine polyp removal



I have never missed a period and July 18th of this year I had a uterine polyp removed. I have not had my period since July 8th which was before my surgery. How common is it to miss your period from surgery which obviously was tramatic to my body along with the anesthesia making me very sick as well. How long should I wait and should anything be done to bring it on? I am 51 years old and am not going through meopause. All of my family goes through it at 60. I get my period every 24-28 days at the latest. It is now 66 days since my surgery. What is the typical time to wait and will I get my period and do I have nothing to worry about? Thank you so much,


The most common reason for a woman past the age of 50 to start skipping periods is that she no longer ovulates regularly; in other words, menopause is approaching.  The definition of menopause is when periods have stopped for an entire year, so there are often stretches of starting and stopping periods before they stop for good.

While there is a genetic factor that contributes to when a woman will stop having periods, it is extremely unlikely that periods would continue to the age of sixty.  95% of women will enter menopause by the age of 55, so any bleeding after that time is considered abnormal and should be evaluated.

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Jonathan  A Schaffir, MD Jonathan A Schaffir, MD
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