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Athletic Training

Did I hurt my groin?



I was playing ice hockey and felt a painfull pop in my inner/upper thigh. Is this more than likely a groin and if so what is the best treatment?


From where you describe your pain, it is most likely that you pulled (strained) a groin (hip adductor) muscle (medical terminology in parentheses).  Groin pulls are very common injuries in ice hockey.  The best treatment for a muscle strain is ice; a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) such as motrin, aleve or ibuprofen; and rest.  If the pain does not decrease or worsens, you should see a health care professional for an evaluation to ensure their is no other reason for your symptoms. Good Luck!

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Mary  Laingen, MS, ATC Mary Laingen, MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
The Ohio State University