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Prostate Cancer

Do I Need Treatment Now?



I was diagnosed in May, 2008 with prostate cancer. My biopsy showed a 2% cancer reading in one of six quadrants. All of the other five were cancer free. My latest PSA reading, which was in Sept. 2008, was 5.8. The doctor suggested a "seed" implant. Today I went for an ultrasound and discovered the prostate gland was too enlarged for a seed implant. He recommended hormone therapy or external radiation. I have no problems urinating and sleep through the night and have no other symptoms. My question is with these readings do I need any treatment at all at this time? In your opinion, do I need to do anything about this at this point in time?


I don't know how old you are but certainly it sounds as though all options are viable: surgery, seeds (with hormones first to shrink the prostate), external beam radiation, cryotherapy, cyberknife radiosurgery, or continued active surveillance.

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Lee E Ponsky, MD Lee E Ponsky, MD
Associate Professor of Urology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University