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Skin Cancer

Skin cancer



My 50 year old mother started developing black moles on her hands couple of years back. The sizes of all the moles look alike. Sometimes the moles disappear and we can see new moles developing again. There are also white spots that are coming in her hands. Could this be skin cancer?

What are the symptoms of a skin cancer? Apart from the changes on the skin are there any other symptoms that we need to notice to see a person has skin cancer? How can we prevent them? Are there any food/vitamins that you can recommend that are good for protecting the skin from cancer? Thanks!


It could be skin cancer. However it sounds more like other benign (not dangerous growths) that people get when they age. Symptoms of skin cancer include a bleeding or changing spot. We also use the ABCDEs to remember symptoms of skin cancer. A is for asymmetry, B is for border irregularity, C is for multiple different colors, D is for diameter greater than 6mm (the size of a pencil eraser), and E is for evolving or changing. Skin cancer can be prevented by protecting yourself from the sun.

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Jeremy S Bordeaux, MD, MPH Jeremy S Bordeaux, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Dermatology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University