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Permanant cannulas



I am a regular visitor to the hospital due to my brittle diabetes, every time i have to be admitted they place me on drips and have to take blood samples from my arteries, the problem i have is most of my veins have collasped in my arms and its painfull every time, i have heard you can have a permanant cannular or venflon fitted around my upper chest area which would do away with injecting me for blood samples, Have you any advice or detail on this implant and if so are there any complications known. Thanks 43 year old female


Many people wish that life would be that simple - but unfortunately cannulas like those you describe do carry risks and do have a limited duration of survival.  There are situations in which these are used and that requires looking at the balance of benefits and risks in an individual situation.  Your own health care providers would be in a better position to assist you with that decision.

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Robert M Cohen, MD Robert M Cohen, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine
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