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Parkinson's Disease

Excessive freezing



i AM 71 YEARS OLD , DIAGNOSED WITH PD in 2000. My surgery has been 1976 - broken ankle ,2001 - Prostate Cancer surgery, 2006 - DBS surery and 2007 & 2008 bladder to attemp to prevent my bladder from leaking . My question is I am freezing at least 3 times every day since one year ago ! Is there any thing in the near future to prevent this ?


Freezing of gait can often be a symptom of Parkinson's disease that is minimally responsive to available medications or current methods of deep brain stimulation. There is research being done with regards to this problem, including the investigation of other potential deep brain stimulation target sites.

Unfortunately, I do not know of anything else that will be available in the near future that will prevent the freezing of gait. Sometimes patients find a pattern as to when the freezing occurs in relation to timing of medication. Then, with help from a doctor, adjustments in both the timing and dosing of levodopa may be tried.

Another thing that is sometimes beneficial is a course of physical therapy plus daily gait/balance exercises. I suggest you discuss this problem further with your doctor.

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Punit  Agrawal, DO Punit Agrawal, DO
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