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Did Sarcoidosis Cause My Stroke And Can An MRI Detect It?



I was at work like every other day and I started to shake in my hands and upper body. By the time I wnent to the ER I was shaking uncontrolably in my entire body, crying uncontrolably,was seeing double,slured speach,slow thought process,and had to figit with my hands ( like pull things apart like tissues, etc....) The doctor and nurse thought that we are attening the ER thought I was on a bad drug trip and started an IV line but only gave me 20mg of adivan. They sent me home with a DX of dehydration but never gave me an IV bag.I did ask for advise of my DX of Sarcoid but the attending physician stated he knew nothing about Sarcoid. Since this time I still have trouble with thought process and I have a twitch in both of my hands (sometimes worse than others), a headache that will not go away,tiredness,and feeling of falling. I have requested a CT or MRI be done of my head and I was told that there was no need to have this procedure. Please help me!


Sarcoidosis most definitely can present with neurological complications. In some cases it can present like a stroke or with seizures. Thus, it would be appropriate to image the brain to see if sarcoidosis or perhaps another explanation can be found for your symptoms. Assuming that you do not have any contraindications to being exposed to a powerful magnetic field, MRI is most useful for detecting sarcoidosis of the brain.

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Elliott D Crouser, MD Elliott D Crouser, MD
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College of Medicine
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