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Hormone Analysis- Is High LH a Problem?



We did a sperm analysis initially with 7 days abstinence. sperm concentration 13 mill motiliy: 10% moderately progressive, 25 % slow progression. vitality: live - 52% , dead - 48 % morphology: 66 % abrnormal.

So doctor ordered for a hormone test. The result turned out to be:

Fsh 8.84 miu/ml Lh 14.79 miu/ml Prolactin 8.0 ng/ml Testosterone 7.54 ng/ml, Free Testosterone 56.08 pg/ml

I did a TRUS & Ultrasound scan. It was normal.Doctor also ordered a retest( 3 days abstinence). The results turned out to be:

concentration: 64 mill/ml. motiliy: 40% moderately progressive, 10 % slow progression. morphology: 70 % normal.

We are still trying to conceive without any success.Is there anything that can be done? Please advise.



There seem to be a discrepancy with your semen analysis result. However, hormone levels and other parameters are normal. What did your urologist say about the the findings? Do you or don't you have varicocele? If so, you need to try to address that. I don't know why they did TRUS. Were they looking for blockage of ejaculatory ducts? It seem unlikely with the count you have.

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Ahmad  Hamidinia, MD Ahmad Hamidinia, MD
Formerly, Professor of Clinical Surgery
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati