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Cervical cells



I been getting pap smers since i was 17 and everything been coming back fine. until last year is when my doctor couldn`t get cells anymore and i had to keep going back to get pap smers more then once a year and they still can`t get cells from my cervix`s. now they have to go into my cervix`s to get cells, I`m worried to death that something is wrong. Can you tell me what you think is wrong?


The result of "not enough cells" is not an indication of anything wrong. In fact, they can't tell if there is anything wrong because they don't have enough cells. Sometimes they fail to get cells from the inside and outside of the cervix. Many studies have shown that the inability to get cells is not an indication of anything wrong. The studies suggest that you don't even have to get a repeat of the Pap smears. At the most, a single repeat should be performed and if it is normal, then return to a yearly schedule of Paps.

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