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Unsure where to find answers



I have been going to gynecologists for two years now for the same problem and I am not getting any answers. About 3 months after my daughter was born I stopped ovulating or having periods, I started gaining weight quickly and My uterus is enlarging up to the point of looking 6 months pregnant. The doctors have been able to get my ovulation and periods back to normal. but my uterus is still enlarging and everytime it does it causes me to gain weight and I have tried everything short of starving myself and it wont go away. I am now 200lbs and where a size 17. When it started I was 156 and a size 11. I need help and no one seems to know where to look


If your uterus is truly enlarging and you are not just gaining weight, then you need o have your uterus imaged to look at what is happening structurally. Benign muscle tumors of the uterus called fibroids are the most common cause of uterine enlargement. The other concern is that you are gaining weight and this would cause you to have a loss of ovulation. There are many different endocrinological causes for you to gain weight and cease ovulation. You could have a thyroid disorder or a condition called "metabolic syndrome". An endocrinologist (either medical endo or reproductive endo) should be able to give you some answers.

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