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Recently diagnosed with epilepsy



In a period of one week, I had four episodes of blacking out. I went to the ER and had an MRI, Spinal, Echocardiogram, EEG which all came back normal. I most recently had a 72 hour EEG, and the doctor called me with the results. She said they showed epileptic activity and wanted me to start Keppro immediately. I believe the seizure activity was related to life style - stress, hormones, lack of sleep. Since that time I have made numerous life-style changes and have had no outward signs of seizures in over a month. 1) Why would I start medication when I have had no more episodes? 2) What are the ramifications of the seizure activity on the brain? 3) I read that 75% of patients with epilepsy will eventually stop having seizures (1/2 within the first year). Again, why would you go on medication if you are not having seizures?


While I cannot make a diagnosis or specific treatment recommendations on this type of forum, based on the information your provided, I think you have a very high chance (greater than 90%) of having more seizures without taking a seizure medication. I suggest you ask your very detailed questions to your health care provider.

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David M Ficker, MD David M Ficker, MD
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