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Blocked Tubes



About 3 and half years ago I had bad stomach cramps around ovulating time and this was every couple of months for around a year. Then I had what I think was a very early miscarriage. I didnt have anymore pain, though sometimes I have mild period pain the week before my period is due and first day of period. I have been ttc for 3 years. I had hsg and they said dye was not going through the tubes but was spilling out to the ovaries, I think. For a couple of days after the test I have had quite alot of egg white mucus, could this have cleared tubes a bit and can they clear themselves. I also had mild stomach cramp


While the HSG test can clear mucus plugs from the fallopian tubes, this would be demonstrated by free spill of dye during the test.  It sounds as if you have proximal tubal occlusion (your tubes are blocked where they plug into the uterus).  This can be caused by either non-pathologic (i.e. mucus plugs and/or tubal spasm) or pathologic (scar tissue) causes.  Your doctor can talk to you about potential tests that can be done to determine which one of these is causing the obstruction.

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