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Should I get genetic test for hemochromatosis



My serum iron level is "normal" per my MD, but I have severe CFS and osteoarthritis...should I push for a genetic test for hemochromatosis? My CBC and CMP`s are also normal. When I was in the hosp. Sept 22 for total knee, the RBC indices were abnormal, but found no answer with further testing for pernicious anemia. Thanks so much,


What's really key here is the ferritin level. I'm not sure what iron level was referred to in your letter. A ferritin that is less than 200 would suggest that iron is not playing a significant role in terms of the osteoarthritic symptoms or the fatigue. If greater than that, it's probably worth checking the genetic assay. Otherwise, I wouldn't waste money on it. Pernicious anemia is a completely different disease and has nothing to do with this.

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Mark   Wurster, MD Mark Wurster, MD
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