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PCOS- Can I Get Pregnant With Provera??



I have PCOS and haven`t had a menstrual cycle in over a year. I was given a combination of Provera, 10mg once a day for 10 days and Glumetza ER 500 mg once a day and have not had a period yet. I stopped the provera a week ago. I was given a pregnancy test before taking the Provera and it was negative. I had unprotected sex with my partner while on the Provera and was wondering if I could be pregnant from taking that and Glumetza ER and if so, how early will I know by taking a home pregnancy test?


Typically, you should have a periods around 2-7 days after finishing the Provera, provided that you are not pregnant.  If you do not have a period by 2 weeks after taking the Provera, I would suggest repeating the pregnancy test.  If it were still negative, and your doctor has determined that you have adequate amounts of estrogen (which would be consistent with PCOS), you might try an injection of "natural" progesterone.  This usually works in PCOS patients who do not have a period after taking Provera.

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