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COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

Throat blockage



I recently had what I thought was a cold. I didn`t have any fever nor anything. It all started with a sore throat and I eventually lost my voice for 3-4 days. Most of the drainage is gone but now I feel like I have something stuck in my throat. I tried taking Robitussin and some expectorant but nothing comes up. I feel like it goes down my throat and into my chest but then comes back up. I am not coughing really bad, it`s just like a tickle in my throat that makes me cough and gag. I still don`t have a fever nor any other symptoms. Could this be some pulmonary infection?



Thank you for visiting NetWellness and for your question. When people describe a feeling of something stuck in the throat, it is called a "globus sensation". This could be from many causes, including diseases that irritate the throat like acid reflux, chronic sinus drainage, or a throat infection. Those same things can produce a "tickle in the throat".

Your description would be unusual for a pulmonary infection. You did not mention how long this has been going on, but if it has been for more than a couple weeks, you should see a doctor (ear, nose, and throat specialist) for a history and examination of your throat.

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