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Parkinson's Disease

Regurgitation and Parkinson`s



I have started regurgitating small amounts after eating. This happens probably once every three days. I will have dinner and roughgly 1-3 hours after dinner I will start coughing and then reguritate maybe the last two ounces of my meal. Only at night. Sometimes i have had a drink.Other times I have not. Any ideas is this related to my EARLY parkinsons symptoms. I do drool a fair amount. A recent endoscopy last week shows no problems. Thank you


Parkinson's disease (PD)can be associated with a wide variety of symptoms, and a few of the more common gastrointestinal problems includes reflux disease and constipation.  In addition, both PD and parkinsonian medications can worsen an underlying gastrointestinal problem.  It is often prudent for a person experiencing any gastrointestinal problem to have a thorough gastrointestinal evaluation for things such as reflux, ulcer, hernia, or esophageal stricture.

The treatment approach for gastrointestinal problems is the same for a person with PD and a person without PD.  People with PD also may find benefit from smaller more frequent meals, using a daily stool softener, and staying well-hydrated.  Another thing some people might find beneficial is a daily anti-reflux medication. 

I strongly advise you to discuss this problem further with your doctor.

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Punit  Agrawal, DO Punit Agrawal, DO
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College of Medicine
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