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Tooth abcess draining through nose?



Hi..I am asking on behalf of my husband, who is one of those refuse to see a doctor unless he`s dying types. He had a tooth reconstructed long ago, and he thinks that his body rejected the reconstruction. he never went to see if this was actually the case, though. He just dealt with the pain. Well, for a long time, he has an abcess on his gum, that he would rupture himself when the pressure built up to relieve the pain, well..eventually it disappeared. About a month later, the abcess started draining through his nose and he said that the infection had probably just moved into his sinuses..whatever. Now his nose is bleeding..badly. Almost constantly, and he still won`t see a doctor? Any advice? Can I tell him how dangerous this is? He diesn`t5 have any other symptoms, no fever or anything. I think he should go to the emergency room!


Your husband has an infection that is slowly destroying the bone around it and could possibly be fatal if it continues to spread. Visit your dentist immediately. With the spread of this infection, surgery may be required to replace/repair the bone already damaged. These infections can cross into the brain and can be fatal.

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D Stanley Sharples, DDS
Clinical Assistant Professor of Primary Care Dentistry
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University