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Itchy neck



My husband has been dealing with any itchy neck at bedtime for over a year now. There is no bumps, or raised areas. It is only red, I guess from all the itching. It keeps him up at night. He is an electrical lineman foreman and is 34 years old. I`ve tried changing bed linens, pillows etc. but that does not help. Benedryl and anti itch lotions only help for a little while, but the itching comes right back. The lineman he works with also has itching on neck and face. I has have dealt with itching on my body but it is getting better. What can this possible be? Even on vacation he still has it, so I do not think it is enviromental. Thanks for any help


There are many causes of itching. Obviously, there is the possibility that there is something he is coming into contact with during the day or in the evening. Most often, there is a rash associated with contact allergy reactions, however, this may be subtle. During the winter and dry times of the year, there is a good chance that some of the itch may be dry skin, so this should be treated. Finally if there is still no obvious contact, it may be appropriate to contact your doctor for an evaluation. Your doctor may be able to find a contact allergy by history (ex. Nickel in a necklace or jewelry) or may check blood work if there is a reason to suspect the itching is coming from within. If you don't find an obvious cause, discuss this with your doctor.

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