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High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure - Diuretic and effects



Am 33 year old and have mide blood pressure. One year age I had a reading around 140 / 95 and doctor suggested to apply other measures to bring this down. After that I started keeping a track. When I check early morning it is 120 /80 but during the day time it reaches 140 / 90 to 150 /100, bascially while am at work. After few months, Doc suggested me to take Natralix SR and since last few month am on that. Now my readings duing mrng Hrs is 115/75 and before going to bed is 130 / 85 . My questions are - 1) Is readings says that am a hypertensive (I have a family hostory) 2) The tab on which am right now has any major side effects. 3) If am able to keep it normal with Duratic and morning work etc, is there a need to take beta blocker. Your answers will be very very helpful for me. Thanks for all your time in advance


It appears that your blood pressure is well controlled at present.  For patients without other medical problems, a blood pressure of 130/85 or lower is acceptable.  Your untreated blood pressure was 140/95, which is classified as hypertensive.

A diuretic like Natalix (indapamide) is appropriate therapy.  If you experience no side effects, you should continue to take it.  There is no need to add a beta blocker.  Should you need the addition of another drug in the future, it may be better to add an ACE inhibitor or an angiotensin receptor blocker to the diuretic.  These drugs cause are usually well tolerated and have additional benefits.  They help slow down heart and kidney disease, and slightly reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

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Max C Reif, MD Max C Reif, MD
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