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I need more infornation on my problem



I`m 28 and just found out this week that I have thickening of my uterus and have a fiber growth in my uterus also. Had my child in 03 and need to know how this happened. Also I`m going to go see my family obgyn next week. Can you give me some background on this and what can be done to help me. Thank you for all your help.


You are probably talking about a fibroid tumor of the uterus. Fibroids are very common and are found in about 20-40% of women in their 40's depending on their race, pregnancy status, etc. Only about 30% of women with fibroids have symptoms that require intervention. The most common symptoms include heavy bleeding or severe menstrual cramps. If a fibroid is large, it can cause pressure symptoms. At 28, the thickness of the uterus has little significance.

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