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Abnormal period/period like bleeding



I am 24 years old, I`ve never been exactly regular with my periods before but they`ve always been the normal 5-7 days as well as a fairly consistent flow. But this month I started spotting on the 3rd and it got slightly heavier around the 14th, then went back to spotting until the 19th. I figured it had just been abnormally long due to a combination of the prolonged stress I`ve been under as well as the fact that their have been several large changes in my life. However, today (the 19th) I started again... I talked to my mom who is concerned because she says it isn`t normal and she worries since she had cervical cancer when she was in her early 20`s resulting in a full hysterectomy. Do you have any idea what could be causing this?


True, cervical cancer is extremely rare at your age and there is no hereditary component so your risk isn't any higher because of your mom's history. Without an exam and a history, I don't know what could be causing this irregular bleeding, but you can find out more about abnormal bleeding at our website: http://www.netwellness.org/healthtopics/women/menstrualbleeding.cfm

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