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Abnormal bleeding while excited



Im 23 year old female, virgin, first serious boyfriend....Not plannin on losing my virginity but we are exploring our sexual sides. I been on yasmine for 4 years and recently had some btb.... i stopped my period on sunday (itz now mon) and no bleedin wat-so ever....And my boyfriend decided to do some foreplay and it seems everytime i get sexually exicted i tend to bleed. why is this...its getting annoying.


It depends on what you are doing as foreplay. If there is digital simulation of the vagina, you may have caused some trauma to the tissues of the vagina that lead to the bleeding. This could happen if there are any small tears in the hymen or scratches to the vaginal walls. It is important that your partner pay attention to his nail hygiene. It shouldn't be as heavy as a period.

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