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Sports Medicine

Low back, sacrum area and pelvis



Hi I`m a 25 year old that had a major fall from a height its been 20 months now since fall. i started off by going to an chiropractor who after 3 months said she cant help i have muscle damage that she will not be able to fix. so i went to a physio that has done 12 months of trigger masage and exercise program for me which i have stuck to and have co operated with.i then had an MRI scan which showed i had right side pelvis tilting and shortening of the left leg it also showed i have narrowing to the disc at T5 to T9 which it said it could be an incedential finding which may be schumansens disease. the pain still to this day is intense on a scale from 1 to 10 1 being less and 10 being worse it around a 8 all the pain is in the sacrum area and it swells up at time if i am to try any sort of exercise that is physical or even running. the pain has also made my hamstrings so tight my groin is tight at times and also my quads even really tight i ice every night to ease the muscle spasm and i heat most days various times. the pain i get if i lean back is so painful around the L5 i can lean forward it just pulls a little but if im to stay forward for lets say 20 seconds my back goes intense pain. i can lift heavy still i feel but cant lean forwards at all for long periods i cant twist and i cant bend often now being 25 this is young age to have all this pain and i have a future ahead of me what more can i do to find what is going on with my body and recently my knee gave way and i was bed ridding for about 6 weeks so i went had MRI scan it showed i have a degeneration left knee in anterior patella i dont understand all this to be happening it seems like from the fall my body giving away slowly so anything to have to write to me i appreciate and i take in but i no this isnt an diagnos i just want to here from a professional doctor what could be happening to my body as it is scaring me now that im so young and prior i was fit as football 10 yrs basketball 8 yrs physical job that required yrs of flexibility


I couldn't find how your questions relate to sports participation or sports injury. You have many valid questions and concerns which cannot be adequately addressed via the Internet, and which should appropriately be directed to a physician familiar with your situation, ideally a spine specialist.

This physician should be able to give you some idea regarding the source of your persisting pain symptoms, whether you do or don't have Scheuermann's disease (a cause of thoracic kyphosis but not just disc space narrowing), whether or not you've exhausted all treatment options (which is unlikely, based on what you've mentioned...), and what reasonable expectations would be RE: your ultimate level of function.

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