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Causes of thickening of the uterine wall



I am 33 and have been trying to get pregnant for a year and half. I have always had regular pap tests, which have always had normal results. I recently had an ultreasound done, and my gyno said that there is a thickening of the uterine wall and wants to do a biopsy. What are the possible causes for this? What will a biopsy test for?


I assume your ultrasound showed thickness in the lining of the uterus. This is normal in premenopausal women as the lining varies tremendously throughout the menstrual cycle. If the thickness is localized to a particular area, it could be due to a endometrial polyp or even a fibroid. A polyp could be diagnosed with a biopsy. In a postmenopausal woman, thickening is considered abnormal and although it could be due to a polyp, one must rule out any precancerous changes. I don't think this is a concern for you at your age. You should ask your gyn why s/he thinks it needs to be biopsied.

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