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Eosonophils count in thirteen year old



Hi Dr, Thanks for this service. My daughter is down syndrome and has had three open heart surgeries. She had a cbc done and her eosonophils were 5.6% on a range that should have been <=3.0 and her monocytes were 9.9% with a range that should have been <=4.0. She had just gotten over a cough that had lasted a good 6 weeks,possibly viral bronchitis the Dr. said. Would this cause these to be high?


The numbers you are sending are not concerning. The most important number to look at is the absolute number, not the percentage. As you may notice, on a report of a blood count, there are percentages and absolute numbers. The percentages are based on a machine counting about 100 cells. This percentage is matched with the total white blood cell count and an absolute number is calculated. What really matters is the absolute number. If the percentage is high, but the white blood cell count is slightly low, absolute number is usually in the normal range and nothing further is done. Specifically in this case, the monocytes may have gone up with an infection, so this would not concern me. The eosinophils are slightly high, but again, this may be due to other medical issues. It would be important to repeat the blood count if you are concerned and to ask your doctor who knows her entire medical history and can likely explain these values.

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