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On my Microalbumin Urine Spot test i got 3.1 mg/dL. normal value : Less than 2.1 mg/dl. how bad is the diferince? I have type 2 diabetes ON THE HBA1C got a 5.8


Screening for elevated urine microalbumin levels for people with diabetes can be done several ways. The preferred random (or "spot") test measures both microalbumin and creatinine. The result is reported as a ratio of albumin to creatinine. Tests that measure albumin only are usually done as a 24 hour urine or timed overnight urine collection. 

Talk with your diabetes provider about how to interpret the test you asked about in your question. Abnormal urine tests should be repeated several times, before deciding that the abnormal result indicates a problem.  

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Nancy J Morwessel, CNP, MSN, CDE Nancy J Morwessel, CNP, MSN, CDE
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Diabetes Center
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati