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Type 2 diabetes and polymyalgia arthritica



Is predisone and methrotrexate the only options for treatment of polymyalgia arthritica? I have been on the above off and on for 12 years, and as a result I now have type 2 diabetes, which was diagnosed by tests recently by my primary care doctor. I have been taking 800mg of Ibuprophan(mispelled) three times a day for muscle pain with little relief. Are there any other options? Thanking you in advance,


As a diabetes expert, I am afraid I can't be very informative about alternate options for the treatment of polymyalgia and unfortunately NetWellness does not have an expert in that area.  What I would be able to help with is approaches to managing the diabetes.  One of the key questions is whether your approach to the diabetes that it results from the steroids or whether you would have it anyway is valid.  It may very well be that you would have diabetes anyway but that the steroids make the blood sugar control more difficult.  Your attitude towards the diabetes can make a big difference to how you manage it and how tightly you control it.  If steroids are inevitable either continuously or intermittently, there are strategies that can be used to adapt the diabetes medications, diet or activity to help with blood sugar control when the steroids are on.

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