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Urinary Disorders

Why an Enlarged Prostate



Going into sinus surgery I had a normal size prostate. Before leaveing the hospital, they did not make me urinate. I went home and could hardly urinate and my bladder was hurting. I ended up in the ER and had a cathater put in to drain. A CT showed an enlarged prostate. The doctor said it was stopping me from urinateing. Why did this happen?


It is not uncommon to have difficulty with urination after surgery. Some of the medications used during anesthesia along with pain medications can make it more difficult to urinate after any surgical procedure. If there is an enlarged prostate, these medications along with having a distended bladder may be enough to put one in retention. If you were not having a lot of difficulty with urination pre-operatively, this will likely correct on its own. Medications such as alpha blockers may also be used to help relax the bladder neck and prostate and make it easier to urinate more quickly. Surgical intervention is generally reserved as a last resort when more conservative measures have failed.

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