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Colorectal Diseases

Colon cleansing



Hi, I strongly believe that I have a yeast infection (affecting my body`s systems) so I`ve decided to try cleaning my colon. However, before I tried this my acupuncturist gave me a kind of ginseng tea to help with my immune system and bowel movements. It worked very well for my bowel movements and took it for around 3 months. Now I`m on the third day of cleaning my colon using the "Original Colon Cleanse" made by Health Plus. Now the problem I`m having is that I`m not immediately going to bathroom after taking this stuff and feeling bloated and constipated instead. Could it be that my colon is pretty much in a healthy state and that I don`t need to take this stuff? If I don`t have to take it them then that would be great! Then I can begin to take my antifungal supplements (such as garlic, acidophilus, and oregano of oil). Although I`m not too sure how many capsules a day I should be taking for these supplements.


This is not conventional treatment for the colon, so it is difficult for me to comment. What I can say is that if you don't feel well taking your supplements, it would be a good idea to stop.

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Janice Frederick Rafferty, MD Janice Frederick Rafferty, MD
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Chief of Colorectal Surgery Division
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