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Mouth Diseases

My mouth is very bad



I was tounge kissing a girl with hpv, and also suppose to have std;s which i found out later, and now my tounge is white, very bad taste, swollen taste buds, and now after 7 months my tounge is starting to burn.I also have problems with my throat also but not sure if thats related. I went to 7 dr.s but i must clean my mouth( the white puss looking stuff off)and so the dr. see;s nothing..please help, im in hell with this, honestly.when i get cotton mouth(dry mouth from a med i take, ) my mouth feels fine.she also had a yeast inf.


From what you describe, it is quite unlikely that your symptoms are related to your kissing episode. The majority of your symptoms are suggestive of burning mouth syndrome, however, your description that mouth dryness makes you feel better is a bit unusual. Additional information about burning mouth syndrome will be attached to this reply. Although there is no cure for this annoying condition, it is not transmissible and typically does not worsen over time. There are no cures and treatments are aimed at making the condition less noticeable. Good luck!

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John R Kalmar, DMD, PhD John R Kalmar, DMD, PhD
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College of Dentistry
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