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High Blood Pressure

Treatments not working and make it worse



I have been put on several medications, am allergic to Ace inhibiters and Calcium blokers,diurectics as well. Beta blockers make me very ill, and Clonidine even makes me want to jump off a bridge! All are at very low doses.Have made alot of changes, still am running just over 140/90. Does a drug exsist that does not cause more problems then a fix?


There are now several medications on the market that are well tolerated by most patients.  No drug is totally free of side effects, but these newer drugs appear to cause fewer problems than some of the older ones (like ACE inhibitors, calcium channel blockers or clonidine):

Finally, a new type of beta blocker was introduced about a year ago.  Nebivolol appears to be better tolerated than older beta blockers.  It has been used in Europe for over ten years, and is often well tolerated by patients who had problems with some of the older beta blockers.

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Max C Reif, MD Max C Reif, MD
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