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I have type 2 diabetes for 15 years. I keep it under control. My problem is controlling hypogycemia. I am planning a long air journey and a holiday with much activity. Is there a food that I can carry with me that is not bulky and will keep my sugar level balanced? Low sugar is a big problem for me.


I am concerned that you are having frequent low blood glucose levels. Increasing activity and changes in your routine and schedule (for example, travel) could increase your risk of low blood glucose levels.

First of all - the best treatment of low blood glucose levels is prevention - this should be your first priority. Start by talking to your diabetes care provider about your frequent lows. It's possible your medications or doses need to be adjusted. Also make an appointment with a diabetes educator, so she or he can help you to assess how your daily routine, eating patterns, and diabetes plan of care could be contributing to low blood glucose levels. Depending on your medication plan, it can be important to eat certain amounts of carbohydrates at certain times of day to prevent lows. Your diabetes care provider and diabetes educator can help you to sort this out. Keep in contact with them until the problem improves.

About the best foods to take with you when traveling to treat low glucose levels - it's best to treat with fast acting carbohydrates. Glucose tablets are very convenient when traveling (not affected by temperature, not restricted by airlines). Your diabetes care provider or diabetes educator may suggest you take other kinds of food with you to prevent low blood glucose levels - be sure to ask the question when talking with them.

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Nancy J Morwessel, CNP, MSN, CDE Nancy J Morwessel, CNP, MSN, CDE
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Diabetes Center
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati