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Increase in dilantin level



I had an idiopathic grand mall seizure and was placed on dilantin October 94, was taken off and experienced another milder seizure June 95. Have remained on dilantin with my level being only slightly in therapeutic range. Now, I am at 20.1, what happened, how do I control and should I be concerned?


Dilantin is a difficult drug to use because each person typically requires a different dose. Blood levels are used to guide dosing and should generally be between 10 and 20. A level of 20.1 is generally nothing to be concerned about. The range of 110-20 only serves as a guideline and the decision to change dose also depends on the clinical situation (presence of seizures or side effects).

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David M Ficker, MD David M Ficker, MD
Associate Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati