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Urinary and Genital Disorders (Children)

11 Month Female With 26.7 Bun/Creat Ratio



I have an elven month old daughter who has had severe stomach problems for the last few months. We recently took her to the E.R. becasue she was running a high fever for several days. When her blood results came back, most everything was normal but she had a Bun/Creat Ratio level of 26.7. The doctor did not explain the results and I was wondering what that means. The paper says it is higher than normal. What could this mean and is there something we should do? Can it cause health issues?


BUN (blood urea nitrogen) and creatinine are waste products that are produced by normal metabolic processes in the body and by the breakdown of foods, especially those high in protein. The normal value for BUN is approximately 10-20, and for creatinine 0.7-1.2. BUN and creatinine are excreted by the kidneys and accumulate in the bloodstream when a person has kidney failure. Therefore, with renal disease, the BUN and creatinine usually both rise together. However, there are some conditions in which one rises more than the other. It sounds like she was pretty dehydrated. Normally the ratio is 14 or 15 to 1. Assuming she is healthy now, it would be a good idea to repeat it.

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